Kind Words.


 "ENVI Marketing has been the catalyst that has launched my company further toward success. The constant and consistent one-on-one customer service has been a real game-changer in the way I have marketed my company. ENVI Marketing has helped in content creation, website management, and blog post production. These services, combined with an unmatched customer service has allowed me to focus on my guests, and restaurant partners. I trust and value ENVI Marketing with my professional reputation because they have proven time and time again to be the best social media marketing company in San Diego."

Lisa (Bite San Diego)


"ENVI Marketing has the ability and expertise to take your social media game to the next level. They have an uncanny ability to dive into your market and get inside the head of your potential customers. They're phenomenal!"

Dustin (Airgun Depot)


“Ashley was a joy to train with. She was very prepared and provided a number of helpful documents and guidelines. Ashley is very knowledgeable and impressed upon me the importance of branding. I also appreciate Ashley's advice when it comes to overall efficiency. She provided me with a number of insights and tools which should make me more efficient going forward!”

Mark (WP Artisans)


"Ashley is a wealth of information on social media & branding! I was having some issues leveling my business up to grow & scale and she dove right in to give me a full audit on my marketing practices to help get me to that next level! I highly recommend ENVI Marketing for all your social media marketing needs!"

Melisa (Let’s Get You organized)

"I recently opened a business in Colorado and have been consulting with ENVI about social media marketing to help propel my business. I must say that it has worked tremendously well to bring people in through my business's doors. I have gotten many people coming into my shop and mentioning Instagram and Facebook as the reason for stopping by which is extremely rewarding. I am so glad I consulted with her to get my social media marketing game up, the return on investment has been huge!"

Ariel (Everything Colorado)


"Ashley and her team have taught me the true value of proper social media management and the impact it can have on your company. ENVI brings an understanding of social media that is unmatched in price and quality. I highly recommend the ENVI Marketing team. Their talent and technique is worth every penny!"

Armando (Paella Wine Fest)


“Ashley is a delight! Not only is she smart and focused, she is also highly knowledgeable about the ins and outs of social media marketing. She listened attentively, then quickly addressed my issues. Definitely recommend ENVI Marketing.”

Claire (Corecraft)


“I engaged ENVI a few months ago for my blog posts- It was non-existent at the time and I had a mental block on how to start. I couldn't be happier working with Ashley as I give her my vision and she's been able to take the reigns and execute. As a business owner, the last thing we need is another piece to manage and Ashley is efficient and thorough, exactly what I was looking for.”

Chiara (Ops Optimized)


Ashley from ENVI provided our company with an incredibly useful and insightful social media marketing consultation. Ashley knew trends that we were not yet aware of, tips to understanding our analytics, and tricks on how to get the most of our social marketing efforts. Plus, she's both sharp and witty - unbeatable combo to work with!

Jess (Four Fin Creative)


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