Real Influencers: Sydnie Goodwin

For a generation that grew up idolizing girls on The Hills, Sydnie Goodwin is living every millennial woman's dream. Goodwin's first job out of college was at Seventeen magazine, the holy mecca of teen girl publishing. Yes, she's just as fabulous as you'd think, but her drive is something to truly admire. Today, Goodwin is using her New York knowledge as the Creative Director of San Diego Magazine, where she's been working for the past three years. We sat down with Sydnie to talk about life in New York, Seventeen, and how she's created a life she loves. Just some of the many reasons she's our #RealInfluencer of the week. 

How did you get into the Magazine industry?

I think a lot of girls who work for magazines want to go straight to New York and that was definitely my dream. After college, I went to New York and worked for Seventeen for about three years. Then I ended up moving to San Diego and started at San Diego Magazine as a designer and moved my way up. Now, I run the creative for the magazine. 

Where did you think you’d be at this age when you were a child?

I think I was really lucky growing up because I always knew what I wanted to do. I knew I wanted to work for a magazine, I was just deciding between being a writer or a designer. In college, I double majored in journalism and graphic design, just to keep my options open. I think it was my junior year when I finally decided that I wanted to pursue design.

What do you admire about other women in your industry?

For both my prior and my current job, I've always been lucky to be surrounded by very strong women in their field. I think they're definitely peers and it’s just a great environment to be around. 

What has been the driving force in your career?

It kind of goes back to the women and the team I work with now, as well as my childhood. My mom raised me as a single mom until I was 10, and just seeing her work so hard and get through it, really influenced me. It's helped me with my work ethic and growing up to strive for a career and put my career first, and me first, and kind of be selfish. My mom is the strongest woman I know, so I think that really impacted me and my work ethic today. 

What does true success mean to you?

It's so generic and cheesy, but going to work and feeling like it's not work. Most days when I come to work I'm doing something I want to be doing. Of course, there are days where I'm at my computer all day, but then there are other days where I'm off on location shooting something and that's the beauty of working for this magazine. I can be shooting fashion one day, a home another day, and a restaurant the next day. It's always changing and if you look at work as "This is fun and I want to be doing it,” then it doesn't really seem like a job. 

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