Real Influencers: Emily Webb

Have you ever wondered what it's like to work in Public Relations? Meet Emily Webb, PR queen at BAM Communications. Emily started at BAM five years ago and worked her way up as a Senior Account Manager. When Emily isn't saving tech startups from PR blunders and bumping elbows with reporters from NY Times and Forbes, she's probably sipping rosé or getting a bite to eat at one of her favorite vegan spots. Just one of the many reasons she's our #RealInfluencer of the week!

How did you get into Public Relations?

In college, I studied Spanish and sociology, which has nothing to do with Public Relations. After I moved back to San Diego, from school in Santa Barbara, I started interning at a marketing agency I found on Craigslist and they had me do a lot of PR. I had no idea what Public Relations was at the time, but I ended up really liking it. As I started looking for other jobs, I started looking under the marketing and PR umbrella and found BAM, where I now work as a Senior Account Manager.

What trait do women in Public Relations have that you admire?

Being in PR, you have to have thick skin because you're being told “no” 500 times a day by different journalists who don't want to write about your client. Our founder at BAM is really into the Four Agreements book. One of the agreements is to not take things personally, and I think that's really important and something I admire. I also think there's a fun part of PR because we get to be creative, and turn something that may be bland into an exciting story that millions of people will want to read about. 

How do you deal with failure?

You have to learn from each failure. Let's say a journalist doesn't get back to me, even that’s a learning experience because it tells me, "Okay, was my subject line not interesting? Or was my writing boring? Was there was too much content...etc." So it's really a harmonious balance you have to have, and you learn every single time. 

What does true success mean to you?

I know what my best is, and how I'm constantly improving on that is how I measure my own success. It's not related to anyone else's success, or my paycheck, or my house. Work is important to me, I love what I do, but I also love to live life outside of the office. I want to have love with my partner, my friendships, and my family. Being surrounded by people who bring joy to my life is success.

How would you like to be remembered? 

Something that my friends and co-workers mention is my honesty and candidness. If somebody comes to me and asks for an opinion in work, or outside, it's always going to be honest. Even if it's a little more harsh than other people would be because I want that honesty and feedback in my life. So I think I'd want to be remembered for that, and my loyalty, which is very important to me as well. 

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