Paella Wine & Beer Festival

Paella Wine & Beer Festival came to us as an established brand with multiple events under their belt. The last piece of the puzzle was implementing a solid social media strategy! In our first month working together we increased PWBF's Instagram engagement by 493.3%!


Facebook Ads

With highly targeted Facebook Ads, we increased Facebook reach by 1,535.07% over the course of Summer 2017. These ads maintained an average frequency of 2.34 and generated 4,751 link clicks!

Email marketing

In April 2018 we sent out 5 emails that generated 85 ticket sales and 562 link clicks. The email campaign had an average open rate of 24.53%, with event industry average at just 21.21%. 



Over the past year working together, on and off, we've increased Paella Wine & Beer Festival's following by 2,200+!



We increased Facebook page likes by roughly 1,500 likes and had an average post reach of 2,343 in one year.



In April 2018 alone, we increased impressions by 257.3%, mentions by 620%, and page visits by 75.1%!

See for yourself!