You know what they say

Big things come in small packages.

As a kid, I spent most of my summers sneaking into the computer room (Remember those?) to learn to code and design. What started as a hobby turned into a lifelong affinity for the world wide web and design. In January 2017 I founded ENVI Marketing, a social media marketing agency created to help small businesses identify, access, and communicate with their target audience. Since our inception we’ve provided our clients with impeccable social media management and content creation - while maintaining unparalleled client support.


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“ENVI Marketing has been the catalyst that has launched my company further toward success.”

"Ashley and her team have taught me the true value of proper social media management and the impact it can have on your company. ENVI brings an understanding of social media that is unmatched in price and quality. I highly recommend the ENVI Marketing team. Their talent and technique is worth every penny!" 

Ariel (Everything colorado)

"Ashley is a wealth of information on social media & branding! I was having some issues leveling my business up to grow & scale and she dove right in to give me a full audit on my marketing practices to help get me to that next level! I highly recommend ENVI Marketing for all your social media marketing needs!"

Melisa (Let’s Get You Organized)


A few values we live by.



Creativity is paramount to everything we do. We work vigorously to develop unique content and implement creative problem-solving into all of our strategies. While other agencies often rely on rigid content plans with little room for customization or flexibility, we allow your brand room to develop its creative identity to differentiate your brand from your competitors’.



Smart marketing strategy and strong content create significant value for your brand. We grow your brand by connecting your message to the right people, with metrics to measure progress and goals. Through vanity metrics, customer conversion rates, and click rates. We monitor and communicate the progress of our strategy every step of the way.



No one knows your brand better than you. That’s why we work with you to create the social presence you envision, not the presence manufactured by a huge agency. Whether it’s content creation, campaign strategy, or creating a newsletter - you can be as involved (or uninvolved) as you wish. And to keep you up to date, we offer consistent analytics to ensure that your goals remain central to all of our strategic choices.


Let’s create something together.