Airgun Depot

Social media management & campaign strategy

Airgun Depot is the leading authority in airguns and airgun accessories. When we began working with Airgun Depot we knew virtually nothing about their industry, but with help from their Utah-based team, we were able to solidify their social strategy and increase sales.


13,274+ Subscribers


In one year working together, our social media strategy increased Airgun Depot’s already popular YouTube channel by more than 13,000 followers. A 14% subscription increase from the previous year.


145.45% Increase

Twitter link clicks

Before partnering, Airgun Depot gave little attention to their Twitter account. In our time working together we’ve increased link clicks, followers, and engagement.

43.3% Reach Increase


One of the unique obstacles for Airgun Depot is their inability to utilize Facebook Ads (due to regulations that ban the marketing of weapons.) Because of this, all of our marketing efforts have been 100% organic.


2000+ New Followers


By posting consistently and building their brand image, we’ve increased Airgun Depot’s Instagram following by over 2000 followers and their engagement rate by 118%.


61% Impression Increase


During an 18 day giveaway campaign that we strategized and implemented for Airgun Depot, we increased Instagram impressions, engagement, and following, while maintaining customer support for all giveaway communication.


 “ENVI Marketing has the ability and expertise to take your social media game to the next level. They have an uncanny ability to dive into your market and get inside the head of your potential customers. They're phenomenal!”


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