Using Social Media to Inspire Environmental Change

When ENVI was created in January 2017, our founder Ashley envisioned a fully sustainable agency that would support environmentally conscious companies. Hence the name ENVI and our environmentally focused branding. Taking the road less traveled and focusing on eco-initiatives hasn't always been easy! Many people prefer following fashion influencers and their sparkly content. However, with 3.03 billion social media users, we believe that social media has the power to inspire real environmental change and each social platform has unique capabilities that can be utilized for environmental initiatives. This #EarthDay, use your social media for good by inspiring your social following to choose sustainable practices and environmentally friendly products! 



Facebook is the largest social media platform in the world. With 1.45 billion active daily users, you have the ability to inspire change locally and abroad. By utilizing the platforms different subsets (Like Groups, Events, Marketplace...etc) you can increase awareness and create real quantifiable change.



Instagram is the perfect platform to show consumers the effects of climate change and how you can combat them. Our #PlasticPurge highlight is a great example of how you can use Instagram to educate followers about an environmental cause. 

  • Create an Instagram Story about trash in your neighborhood. Use location tags and hashtags to reach a larger audience.

  • Show your followers how to #StopSucking by posting a photo of your reusable glass straw.

  • Tag your friends in eco-friendly infographics. Knowledge is power!

  • Create a Story Highlight with environmentally friendly tips and tricks.

  • Post about your favorite eco-friendly brands and products. 1/3 of consumers prefer sustainable products!



Twitter is a great platform for thought leadership, debate, and cat GIFs. By understanding Twitters demographic, 80% of users are affluent millennials, you can create an educational campaign that converts into a lifetime of environmental activism. 

  • Hop on trending hashtags with compelling information about the environment.

  • Create a Moment by curating and compiling tweets that tell a story about an environmental cause you care about.

  • Take advantage of viral content to increase your audience and attract potential followers.

  • Create a Thread! Threads have gained popularity as a kind of short-form journalism. Here you can deep dive into an environmental topic people may be unaware of.

Your social media presence has greater potential than you realize. Use it to benefit your community and the environment this #WorldOceansDay! 

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