Using The 70-20-10 Rule to Build Effective Content Strategy

Any social media user knows that timelines are often saturated with pesky advertisements. As a company, you won’t maintain your followers if you contribute to those advertisements by constantly posting shameless self-promotions. The key to growing and maintaining your followers is interaction. Working on interacting and engaging with your followers will help you develop your brand persona, also making your company more likable and approachable to new consumers. The key to social media marketing is finding the perfect balance between authenticity and promotional content. That's where the 70-20-10 rule comes in! 


The 70

The majority, if not all, of your social media posts, should be engaging. The average attention span has dropped to that of a whopping eight seconds, which means you have eight seconds or less to grab and hold the audience’s attention. To do so, your goal should be to make your audience think, laugh, or respond. Anything that allows your followers to interact with your posts will foster a relationship between them and your company. This is simple to do with a quick Facebook poll or asking your followers a question. Though not everyone will respond, they will at least feel as if their opinions matter.


The 20

The next 20% of your social media posts should be informational. The key here is to provide viewer benefit by offering them piece information they did not know prior to running into your post on their timeline. This can be made simple with relevant fun facts, infographics, or anything that teaches your followers some interesting new knowledge. Make sure these fun facts relate to your company's mission or product so that your followers will gain insight into your company and finds ways in which they resonate with you. 


The 10

Alas, we have arrived at the tiny land of promotional content. Because 90% of your social media posts will be engaging and informational, this only leaves room for 10% of your posts to be promotional. That number can seem intimidatingly small, but it is important to remember that your engaging and informational posts will be subtly promoting your company by building a relationship with your followers and keeping your brand at the top of their mind. This is where you can share those advertisements that directly incite profit or lure your followers to your website.

The online attention span is so small that it's easy for followers to scroll right past your post. They only have so much time to peruse social media and won't waste it on content that won’t brighten their day, teach them something, or provide entertainment. Inevitably, applying the 70-20-10 rule to your social media will allow for consumer insight, engagement, and growth in followers as you interact with your followers and establish your online presence.