Using The 70-20-10 Rule to Build Effective Content Strategy

The key to effective content strategy is finding the perfect balance between promotional and brand building content. With the frequency that content is published these days, it’s important to follow a framework that guarantees that you’re publishing valuable content, not just filling a gap in your content calendar. This is where the 70-20-10 rule comes in. Originally created by Eric Schmidt for Google, The 70-20-10 rule breaks up content planning into three sections to create a well-rounded social media strategy. First, 70% of all content should add value and build your brand. Second, 20% of content should be relevant shared content. And third, 10% of all content should be directly promotional. By utilizing the 70-20-10 rule, you create a social strategy that educates and engages your target audience. 


The 70

70% of all content that you create should build your brand image and add value to your target audience. You can also think of this 70% as the beginning of your lead generation funnel. When creating content for this portion, go into detail about the unique aspects of your brand, provide educational value for your target audience, and spur interest in your product/services. Remember, this is the portion of your content that makes your audience connect with you and your unique brand qualities. Tell your audience what makes you, you.


The 20

20% of all content you publish should be shared from different sources. This includes relevant industry news, positive customer feedback, product shots, and any other content you’ve sourced from outside of your creative team. It’s vital that this portion remains relevant to the subject matter of your brand/product as to not alienate current followers. When utilized correctly, this portion builds trust between you and your audience. 


The 10

You’re probably wondering how you’re going to sell anything with only 10% of your content strategy reserved for promotion. In reality, the other 90% of your content strategy has been subtly promoting your company by building community, brand recognition, and trust. Only use 10% of your content strategy to promote deals, new products, and services as to not irritate your audience with overly “salesy” content.

When done correctly, applying the 70-20-10 rule to your social media strategy has the potential to grow your following, engagement, and sales. Don’t forget to download our 70-20-10 Rule freebie to get started!

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