How to Unplug When You Can't Really Unplug

For entrepreneurs and social media managers, you're always expected to be plugged in. At any moment someone could leave a bad review, or worse, you become the next United Airlines scandal. Even though we're expected to work round the clock, taking care of yourself is extremely important. If you don't allow yourself time to "unplug" you're bound to burn out eventually. Here are some easy ways to "unplug" without stressing yourself out in the process. 

Do Not Disturb 

The iPhone 'Do Not Disturb' setting is perfect for those who want to ditch their phone, without really ditching it. The setting allows you to go about life without the alerts and notifications that bog us down. In your phone's settings, you can allow calls from certain contacts, allow your phone to ring on the second call and even schedule a designated time that your phone goes into 'Do Not Disturb' every day. This setting is a great way to let you unwind without completely jumping ship. 

Ditch Social

If you work in social, your personal social media profiles may be stressing you out. Unfortunately, there's no way you can delete Instagram altogether. We think your clients would notice. Try logging out of your personal accounts for an hour, a day, a week - whatever works for you. When you do this it allows you to think of social media as work, and work alone. You'll find that the stressors you feel logging on to your work accounts will only be about work, not your insecurities about how many likes you got on that selfie. 

Create Something 

Put your phone on 'Do Not Disturb' and get your creative juices flowing. When you're always going you don't talk the proper time to let your imagination wander. Start that garden you've always wanted or paint just for the sake of painting. Allowing yourself to loosen up and create something from nothing will rejuvenate your mind. As an entrepreneur or a content creator you have to be in tune with your creative side, so don't ignore it!

Coffee First

When you wake up what do you do? Most of us grab our phone and immediately connect. Try to give yourself 30 minutes of peace in the morning to get ready for your day uninterrupted. This allows you to get your coffee and some food in your belly before someone is barking orders at you. Brownie points for waiting to check your email once you're at your desk. 

Get Outside

If you have to work on a "day off" we recommend ditching your office for a more pleasant setting. If you can deal with the glare on your laptop pull up a chair outside and breathe the fresh air. Not only will the fresh oxygen help you think more clearly, the sunlight will elevate your mood. Being outdoors will also make you grateful for the beauty around you, not angry about the shitty client you have to deal with. Life is great, don't forget it. 

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