Promote Diversity with Inclusive Content Creation

As a content creator, it's your duty to create content that is inclusive and diverse. Too often we find content that is only applicable to Caucasian audiences, which is not an accurate depiction of our world. You must actively make sure that what you're creating on the internet can be consumed by the masses, even if they aren't a part of your target audience. Here are a few simple ways to make your content inclusive. 

Stock Photos

Your stock photo choices matter because they are a visual representation of the people who consume your content. Most stock photo websites are years behind on portraying diverse communities, typically only showing Caucasians. This is unacceptable if you wish to reach a large, diverse, and equal audience. As a content creator, it's your responsibility to make marginalized communities visible online. 


Even if you're a company targetted towards millennials, you want to create content that is inclusive to all ages. We must dismantle the beliefs that you "age out" of the media and representation. Our job is to create an inclusive space for people of all ages. Generalizations about the generations only further divide us and make consumers feel "too old" for your product. Learn more about how you can effectively interact with each generation online. 


Social media has become the easiest way for consumers to communicate with brands, making it the go-to for customer service. Although some brands (cough, Wendy's, cough) use snark to communicate with their audience, consumers prefer honest and friendly advice over sarcastic banter. Be kind to your audience, not only for the image but because everyone could use more kindness in their life. 


Be sensitive to what is happening in the news. Your #ad and #promo content shouldn't be posted on the same day of a terrorist attack. It makes you look tone deaf to your audience. Make sure you cancel scheduled content in the event of tragedies and political strife. If you feel uncomfortable with your brand taking a stance, silence is better than inappropriate content placement. Check out our tips for further navigating political turmoil online. 

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