Increase Organic Blog Traffic With Pinterest

Pinterest has long been thought of as a place for women to exchange diet tips, DIY home improvements, and recipes. Today Pinterest has over 100 million users, making it a hot spot for self-promotion. Of those 100 million users 71% of Pinterest users are women, so this may not be the best channel for your beer pong business. For those of you outside of the beer pong niche, Pinterest can unlock new audiences, create leads and drive traffic to your website and other social networks. Like all social networks, there is a vast array of ways to market your product on Pinterest, which is why we've gathered the four quickest tricks to get you started. 

Create a Business Account

Creating a business account allows you to track analytics, create ads, and drive traffic to your website. To create a business account you can convert a personal account or create a new one. It's been a while since pinning was life so we went ahead and converted a personal account to a business account. By converting a personal account you're already starting with X amount of followers and If you're worried about losing your personal boards you can always make them private. 

Photo Source: Living Pattern's Pinterest

Photo Source: Living Pattern's Pinterest

Instagram Pins

Posting aesthetically pleasing and informative Instagram photos on Pinterest will bring a new audience to your Instagram. Pinning from Instagram is extremely easy too. You just create a pin "from the web" and enter your Instagram pictures URL. Make sure to use keywords and add your website URL to the description, and poof! It's pinned. Whenever someone clicks on your photo they'll be taken to straight to your Instagram post. Remember that Pinterest is about quality, not quantity, so only post the best of your Instagram feed. 

Blog Pins

So you blogged something, time to make it unique! In a sea of bloggers trying to make their mark your pin cover is extremely important if you want to stand out. We use Canva to make our pin covers because Canva is the new Britney Spears. Yeah, you heard it here first. On Canva you can browse tons of different Pinterest templates, but we recommend picking a style, making it your own, and sticking with it. The photo above is a great example of using a theme and font family throughout each post to stay on brand. Above all you want your Pinterest graphic to grab someone attention so be creative, and don't forget your logo. 


Remember that Pinterest works as a search engine so captions are key. To find out what keywords are being used on Pinterest go to the search bar and plug in one of your keywords. Pinterest will autocomplete your sentence with whatever people are searching for most. We typed in pineapple, and to our surprise Pineapple Upside Down Cake is much more popular than you'd think. Now that you know what people are searching for you can formulate your caption. The "sweet spot" seems to be between 150 to 300 words. Add a call to action at the beginning of your caption to draw attention. CTA's at the end are often overlooked. 

Follow these quick tips and you'll be seeing Pinterest referrals on your Google Analytics soon, but don't forget about us when you're famous! Check back tomorrow to see out next #RealInfluencer.

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