No DSLR? No Problem: Photography Tips for Foodies

You can hardly go to a restaurant without seeing someone pull out their DSLR these days. Foodies have turned gluttony into a business, but how do they do it? Making your meal hunger people all over the world is harder than you'd think, but even rookies can do a few things to make their next meal pop. These tricks can be implemented on your fancy DSLR or your cell phone. The only thing you need is a good meal. 



Lighting is EVERYTHING. You might love pasta, but a dimly lit Italian restaurant is a foodie's worst nightmare. You can purchase a cheap flash attachment or have your friends shine their phone light, but after the sun sets you'll probably be stuck with a strange tint or unwanted shadow. When you're using your phone, brunch is the ideal time to photograph your meal. You should have plenty of sunlight to take your shot and enjoy a few mimosas. 



Get that napkin out of the way! Yes, you're annoying everyone you're with, but it's worth it. The best photos are clutter free, with the main focus on your meal. If you have multiple plates on the table that you'd like to capture, arrange things to look organized while still candid. In the photo above you can see some clutter in the background and a few blemishes on the plate, but a girls gotta eat, so just do the best you can. 

Screen Shot 2017-07-07 at 1.35.21 PM.png


Getting the right angle will be different for everything you eat. You can shoot from above, from the side, straight on...etc. We recomned taking a bunch of shots from different angles to see what works best. If moving your food around on the plate makes it more photogenic, by all means, put your hands on your friend's food. They'll be annoyed, but Instagram fame doesn't come without a price. 


The Food

Some food is not going to be cute. Case and point: Burritos. They're amazing, but when you try to photograph them they just aren't that exciting. There are of course ways to make a burrito cute, such as cutting it in half or smothering it in sauce, but there is naturally photogenic grub out there too. When you go out to eat ask the server what's cute. It seems ridiculous, but it's a great way to get out of your comfort zone and it's usually tasty too. 

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