The Do's & Don'ts of Political Content

It's undeniable that we live in a politically charged society. With the election of Trump, the Brexit, Syria, and conflict ensuing all over the world you may feel as if your company needs to speak out. Before posting a paragraph long Anti-Immigration rant consider the repercussions of posting political agendas on your social media accounts. The effect a political opinion can have on your business and employees can be extremely damaging. If you own a vegan reiki center no one will be phased by your liberal social media presence, but for moderate companies, things can be a little trickier.  

Know Your Audience

Understanding your target audience is the most important part of creating your social media presence. You wouldn't post photos of MACs newest lipstick line when your customer base is 45-60-year-old men, so don't post right wing opinions when you have a liberal audience. The United States is a massive country with varying incomes, opinions and life experiences. What you think is common sense may be extremely offensive to someone else. Tread lightly when talking about topics that affect millions of Americans in different ways. 

Soft Topics

You can speak about political issues without endorsing a candidate or political party. Stick to local issues, or soft topics, that your customer base cares about. A soft topic is something that isn't too controversial, so scratch anything about abortion or Russia. Posting about ocean conservation or animal rights is typically a safe bet. Everyone likes animals, aside from serial killers, so the margin for backlash is low. 

Think, and Think Again

Before hitting submit ask yourself, and someone else, if this post will help or hinder your company. Yelp reviews can make or break your company, so if you decide to air some Anti-LGBT laundry be ready for the repercussions. We are living in a hypersensitive time and the internet takes no prisoners. There's already a long list of businesses that have been attacked for sharing their personal beliefs. Stick to what you're good at and leave the political commentary for the professionals. 

There, it's that easy! Now give us the nuclear codes. It can't be that hard.

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