Create a Generation Based Social Media Strategy

If you've been on Facebook lately you know how differently each generation uses social media. Aunts of the world, we get it, you DESERVE that Margarita. There are about 2 billion social media users in the world, but what platform is your target audience frequenting? We know that women are more likely to use Pinterest, and men prefer LinkedIn, but generational differences play a major role in how your potential clients use social media. Your parents don't even know what hashtags are, so why are you marketing to Baby Boomers on Instagram? Learn how to market your product on the correct social networks for your target generation. We already did the work for you!

Generation Z

You have about eight seconds to grab the attention of Gen Z. These kids were the first generation to grow up with technology at the tip of their fingers. They want information fast and prefer to receive it through video, with a particular interest in Virtual Reality. This is why 32% of Gen Zers consider Instagram to be the most important social network, and 25% of Gen Zers left Facebook in 2014. Yikes! Time will really only tell with the youngest generation, but videos and interactive marketing interest them.


Millenials were the Beta testers of social media. First, they had MySpace, a mecca for teen angst and self-expression with custom layouts and music. After MySpace's demise (RIP) they jumped to Facebook to share with their peers. Today 85% of millennials have a Facebook account, but it may not be their primary social network. When the older generations began using Facebook more frequently millennials flocked to Instagram and Twitter for their social media needs. 81% of millennials check Twitter daily, and Instagram has about 48.2 million millennial users! Using a mixture of Instagram, Twitter and Facebook to market your company is a good way to reach this generation. 

Gen X

The seemingly forgotten generation, Gen X, has long been the middle child of a war between Baby Boomers and Millenials. Just like every middle child, Gen X has a lot more to offer than originally thought. Studies say that Gen X uses social media more than millennials do, with an estimated 6 hours and 58 minutes of their week spent on social media. So what are they doing? They're spending. Gen X has the largest average online retail spending at $561 per Gen Xer. The best way to get your product in front of a Gen Xer is through Facebook, Pinterest, and YouTube. Stay away from Instagram and Snapchat with these folks. 

Baby Boomers

Once the most populous generation in the United States, Baby Boomers have 70% of the countries disposable income. That's a lot of spending power! Baby Boomers dominate Facebook with a whopping 84% of them on the website, but only 24.5% of Baby Boomers follow brands they are interested in. This generation detests "spammy" promotions so make sure you appeal to them on a personal level. Baby Boomers hey really enjoy sharing content, which is why Facebook and Pinterest are the best ways to market to them. 

Once you've identified your target generation make sure you're active on their preferred networks. Consumers like seeing a steady stream of content, so don't spread yourself thin getting on every social network known to man. Good content on one network is better than a bunch of inactive accounts. Now get out there, and we'll keep you updated on all the newest trends next time. 

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