The Rules of Social Media Engagement

Humans are social beings who crave interaction and validation. Aside from your weird Uncle Larry, most people enjoy communicating with others. Engaging with others makes us happy, fulfilled and probably less likely to text our exes. Traditional marketing doesn't include its audience, which is becoming the cause of its demise. Millennials, and whatever those other generations are, are more likely to buy something from a trusted source than ever before. We are also more likely to trust brands that interact with us and use their voice. Social media was created to encourage being social, so don't make these basic mistakes when marketing your brand. 

DO get your product into the hands of a trusted voice

Ever heard of influencers? They're the really hot girls from your college that sell bracelets on Instagram. These Influencers have a trusted following that eat up whatever they're selling. Some influencers are just along for the ride and will promote your product for some free goods and others will post your product for upwards of $100,000 so make sure you've done your research. 

DON'T spam for follows 

Some people will follow and unfollow an account every day until their fingers fall off. If you're looking for attention, you've gotten it, but this is not the kind of attention that you want. This is the social media equivalent of the guy who asks what you're doing after work every day. Hello, NOT INTERESTED! Your product isn't going to be one size fits all so stick to your target audience and they'll bite.

DO socialize without expecting a sale

No one wants to feel preyed upon for a sale. That's why everyone hides like there's a murderer loose when someone is selling door to door in your neighborhood. Blatant sales pitches just feel weird and aren't authentic. Focus on the relationships you make through social media. It will repay you in the long run. 

DON'T talk shit

You know that childhood saying "Whatever you say about me bounces off and sticks to you?" Well, that's extremely true when it comes to how you present your business online. Want to talk about how much you HATE so and so? Do it over coffee with a friend. If you air your dirty laundry on the internet you'll look like a bully and no one on the internet likes a bully.

These tips should help you navigate the superficial and sometimes thrilling world of social media. If you take away anything from this post let it be this; engage and don't tag your friend in someone's bikini pic. That is NEVER okay. 

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