Simple SEO Tricks For Bloggers and Creatives

SE-Who? Don't worry, you're not alone. SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, gets your content into the hands of your target audience. Before you run off and add a copywriter to your payroll there are a few ways to gain more traffic without breaking the bank. Sounds pretty good, but what's the catch? No catch, you just have to keep reading for these simple SEO tricks that anyone can do. 

Alt Text 

As in that little white box you don't know how to fill in when you upload a photo. Alt text is a keyword or phrase the targets your audience. Do you dominate the artisan cat sweater field? Try inputting "best cat sweaters" in the alt text next time you upload a picture. Be specific and this will bring organic traffic to your website! 


As much as you want your title to be "Guess what happened in Mexico" that may not be the best traffic driving choice. Although, we are quite intrigued. Think of what you search for on google. Terms like "Best" "Top" and your location are great for driving traffic on search engines. Titles should be specific, no matter how cute the ominous title you drafted up sounds. Try "Best Margaritas in Oaxaca" next time. 


Search engines are looking for specific keywords whenever someone types something into their search bar. A great way to gain more traffic is by utilizing these keywords in your own posts. Your business has a ton of keywords you don't even know about yet. A quick search on our favorite keyword tool, Wordtracker, will give you all the keywords you need.  

Refurbish an Old Post

The need for constant content can be exhausting! We get it. There's really only so many ways to talk about your organic spandex sock line. Go through your analytics and see which posts are struggling, pick one and get to work. Start with the tips above and repost on your social media accounts for best results. 

Well, there you have it. Not so hard was it? We'll be sure to keep giving you tips and tricks to keep your small businesses running. Stay tuned for the next time!

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